Top 10 Daffodil Bulbs for the North Texas Area

Here is Chris Wiesinger's (Southern Bulb Company) Top 10 List:

1.  Narcissus tazetta 'Grand Primo' 2.  N. 'Golden Dawn'
3.  N. x intermedius 'Texas Star' 4.  N. x odorus 'Campernelle'
5.  N.  'Ice Follies' 6.  N. 'Jetfire'
7.  N. 'Falconet' 8.  N. 'Trevithian'
9.  N. 'Carlton' 10. N. 'Tete a Tete'

Chris recommends these for almost any garden in Dallas, in areas with full sun.  Some, like the Grand Primo, will do alright also in partly shady areas.

Editor's Note: Some members of the TDS have reported having difficulty growing Jetfire in Dallas due to basal rot. 

Other member-recommended daffodils for the Dallas area include: Erlicheer, Hawera, Matador, Tahiti, Pipit, Hillstar, Rip Van Winkle, Sweetness, Avalanche, and Avalanche of Gold. 

Daffodil Bulbs for Other Areas of Texas

Dr. Bill Welch, Professor and Extension Horticulturist, TAMU recommends:

 N. tazetta 'Grand Primo' for all of Texas and the Gulf South, and would consider it early season.  

N. tazetta orientalis, The Chinese Sacred Lily is particularly useful into South Texas and all along the Gulf Coast.  It also does well into Central and East Texas


N. jonquilla simplex, (Sweeties) are also early to midseason and thrive in East Texas.  

A midseason favorite is N. nonquilla x odorus 'Campernelle'.  It is best in Northeast Texas but frequently do well in Central Texas and in all but South Texas.  

N. x. intermedius 'Golden Dawn' and N. x 'Winston Churchill' are excellent for Central and East Texas but not for South Texas.  

N. pseudonarcissus, The Lent Lily, is a great daffodil for Northeast Texas. 


Mr. Phil Huey, TDS member, has been testing bulbs for re-blooming capabilities since 1990 in Johnson County, Texas (blackland soil). Varieties that he recommends include: 

Misty Meadow - very early, fabulous, and multiplies well.

Dik Dik - more flowers each year.

Mot Mot - good re-bloomer.


Pink Declaration - best pink for this area. Keeps re-blooming.

Abba - very fragrant Double. Does well.

Erlicheer - Double. Very fragrant. Has re-bloomed for 12 years.

Sir Winston Churchill - Double. Good re-bloomer.

Tahiti - only large flowered Double that has re-bloomed consistently.

Falconet - fabulous. 

Tete-A-Tete - has re-bloomed since before 1990. 


 -End of List-