The 2021 
Texas Daffodil Society
Regional Flower Show

The 2021 TDS Regional Flower Show was held at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Show Dates

March 4-6, 2021


Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden - Rosine Hall
8617 Garland Road
Dallas TX 75218

Show Chair

Karla McKenzie

Show Schedule

March 4, 2021, 1:30PM: Set up horticulture, design, and photography
March 5, 2021: Show opens
March 6, 2021: Judge School III
For further info, please contact
Karla McKenzie  
Full 2021 Show Schedule: HERE

TDS President

Keith Kridler

Design Division

Contact Mary Ann Moreland for info

2021 Bulb Selection

Click Here for Info

Photography Contest

Photography Rules can be found here: TBD .docx  .pdf
Contact: TBD

Click for 2021 Show Photos

Check out this video of the TDS 2021 Show!

Check out this video of the TDS 2021 Awards table!

2021 Show Results

230 Entries
30 Exhibitors 
376 Stems

14 Photographers
50 Photographs

Wells Knierim- Steve Guynes
3 Golden Echoes on black ground

Gold Ribbon - Best standard daffodil in 
Show - Monal 2Y-R- 
Mary Ann Moreland- Exhibitors

Mini Gold- Mite 6Y-Y, Irene Zumbar

Silver Ribbon - most Blues
Annie Hibbs - 24 Blue Ribbons 

Mini White Ribbon (best 3-stem mini)
Spoirot 10 W-W, Mary Ann Moreland 

Best Intermediate Ribbon- Keith Kridler 
(Seedling) 85*6*22, 2W-Y

Best Historic (before 1940) 
Diane Ganter-Pike
Erlicheer 4 W-Y, 1934

Best 3-Stem Historic -
N. Italicus 13 W-Y 1809
Diane Ganter-Pike 

Best Classic Ribbon ( 1940-1960)
Ice Follies 2 W-W, 1953
Linda Love 

Best Classic single stem Ribbon -
Arctic Gold 1 Y-Y, 1951
Annie Hibbs 

Best Classic 3-Stem Ribbon
Orange Frilled 2 Y-Y , 1943
Keith Kridler 

Best Youth Bloom Ribbon 
Ladelle 7 Y-Y
Lucas Moreland 

Best 3 Stem Youth Ribbon 
Ladelle 7 Y-Y
Lucas Moreland 

Small Grower Ribbon
Bryan Pike 
N. Italicus 13 W-Y , 1809

Standard Container-Grown Ribbon 
Congress 11aY-O
Sarah Andry